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NCB Capital Impact

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About NCB Capital Impact

NCBDC s solutions are based on the principles of self-help, democratic control and open participation. NCBDC s programs target areas that we have the power to transform and which profoundly influence the lives of individuals and families in underserved communities: affordable housing, affordable assisted living, health care, education and economic development. As a leader in the field of community development finance, NCBDC acts as a catalyst to improve or change existing systems for delivering essential community services through a dynamic combination of technical assistance, training and financial and development services. Over the course of its twenty-year history, NCBDC, in collaboration with the National Cooperative Bank and other partners, has loaned or invested more than $1 billion in its primary investment areas of education, affordable housing, health care, affordable assisted living, worker ownership and economic and community development. The cumulative impact of NCBDC s efforts is considerable. Its loans and investments have created approximately: - 30,000 units of affordable cooperative housing; - 10,000 jobs for low-income individuals; - 10,000 new school seats; - Nearly 2 million square feet of community health center space serving 150,000 low income and/or uninsured patients annually; and - More than 3,000 units of affordable assisted living for frail elderly and persons with disabilities. NCBDC s success results from its strategy of working with community-based organizations to link financial products with targeted delivery of development support services. NCBDC provides technical assistance on a range of topics related to community development including project planning, real estate development and finance. NCBDC shares its expertise and builds local capacity through in-person and web-based training, conferences and workshops using as resources technical and best practices manuals written, produced and distributed by NCBDC. (Copies of NCBDC tools and manuals are available free of charge on line at www.ncbdc.org.).

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